Where Do Squirrels Live

Grey Squirrel in SnowThere are many different types of squirrels that live in many different locations and environments. From forests to prairies to deserts, squirrels are able to live in many different places.

Within their individual environments, some species of squirrels live mainly in trees. Some live mostly on the ground, and still others create burrows underground.

Squirrels, such as the grey squirrel, make nests in trees from twigs and leaves. They will sleep in these nests and will also use them to seek refuge from inclement weather such as severe cold or rain. Grey squirrels often make themselves a nuisance when they make nests in the attic of someone’s home. In such cases they sometimes will need to be trapped and removed.

Eastern grey squirrels typically lives in all of the Eastern United States and parts of Canada, whereas the Western grey squirrel is found mainly along the Western Coast of the United States and Canada.

Chipmunks live in many parts of the United States.

Prairie dogs live mainly in the central United States as well as Canada and parts of Mexico.

Eastern Fox squirrels live along the Eastern United States and parts of North East Mexico

Ground squirrels, which Prairie dogs and Marmots are all a part of, also include the Franklin ground squirrel, three lined ground squirrel, Rock squirrels and several others. They live in various parts of the United States depending on species.

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