SquirrelsAlthough they may be the cutest of all the rodent family, squirrels are no doubt the bane of every gardener’s existence and a scourge to the backyard bird watcher, who vows in vain never to rest until finding a way to keep them away from his bird feeder.

Ever since Saint Serf owned his pet Robin in the year 575, it’s been mankind’s endeavor to come up with better ways of keeping squirrels out of bird feeders.

Today the internet is ablaze with people searching for ways to keep squirrels out of their gardens, attics and bird feeders.

While squirrels may never cease to outwit even the best of us from time to time, it’s my hope that this website will help you to keep those varmints away from your garden, off of your bird feeder, and out of your attic.

How to stop squirrels

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