Squirrels – If You Can’t Beat Them Join Them

Squirrels in GardenHere at How To Stop Squirrels, I’ve written about numerous methods for deterring nuisance squirrels. If you haven’t tried them already check them out. But there is yet one more theory floating around the internet for how to best fight the squirrel war. It suggests that instead of spending all your concerted efforts trying to figure out how to stop squirrels; perhaps squirrels aren’t that bad after all.

While I’ve never been convinced of this theory and I’m sure you probably won’t be either, I thought that if by chance you might be getting tired of fighting the squirrel wars, I’d like to present to you this radical alternative option.

The theory suggests that if left alone squirrels and birds will eventually find a balance and that both will share the bird feeder. The theory also implies that aside from the added expense of going through bird food so quickly, you can just sit back and enjoy a wider variety of backyard nature, in other words they are suggesting you try to enjoy the squirrels as well as the birds, (yes, I thought that was ridiculous too).

But none the less, just in case you’ve fought the good fight and are ready to hang up your so called “squirrel proof” contraptions, here are my top selections for “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Looker Pavilion Cedar Bird Feeder
Dragonfly Garden Bird Feeder
Strathwood Basics Granite-Finish Bird Feeder
Stovall 3F Medium Post Mount Feeder
Woodlink Small Hanging Platform Bird Feeder
Stovall 6F Pavilion Feeder with Seed Hopper
Birds Choice Wrought Iron & Cedar Fly-Thru Bird Feeder
Stovall 9FNI Hanging Multi-Sided Feeder with Chain

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