Squirrels Eating Plants

Squirrel in GardenSquirrels eating plants, especially the ones you’ve purchased and painstakingly planted in your garden, can be a very frustrating problem to deal with.

In an upcoming article I’ll be discussing how to protect flower bulbs from squirrels, which is often a big problem for backyard gardeners.

Typically, squirrels don’t prefer greenery.  They normally eat nuts, seeds and roots.  However they will eat green plants if little else is available.  One of the simplest methods for deterring squirrels from eating your plants is to make the plants taste bad while providing the squirrels with something else that tastes good.

First buy a Squirrel Feeder and give them something they prefer to eat such as corn, peanuts or Squirrel & Critter Blend Food.  At the same time, spray the plants you want to keep with hot pepper wax.  When the squirrels bite the plants they’ll feel spicy hotness in their mouth.

Learn more about protecting your garden from squirrels.

One Response

  1. I’ve never had a huge issue with squirrels eating my plants, but I know a few people that do have this issue. I think what works around here is the abundant amount of natural food available, and the amount of wild predators that still roam my neck of the woods keeping the squirrel populations reasonable. That said (and this may sound cruel) but a good BB gun works wonders.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again Gary, it was good to see you!