Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Considerations

Does your squirrel proof bird feeder have as many obstacles between the squirrel and the food as this one does?

The whole reason you spend money on bird seed, is to be able to watch birds in your backyard, not to have squirrels chase them away and eat all the seed.

While there are several manufacturers who produce bird feeders labeled as being “squirrel proof”, there is no bird feeder that’s 100% squirrel proof. However, there are several things you can do to greatly improve the effectiveness of your squirrel proof bird feeder.

All squirrel proof bird feeders are designed to make it very difficult for squirrels to steal bird food, some work better than others.

Using a squirrel proof bird feeder in combination with other methods of keeping squirrels at bay can, in fact, significantly reduce the amount of bird seed stolen from your feeder by squirrels.

A big part of a squirrel proof bird feeder’s effectiveness is in where you set it up in your yard. First consider your landscaping before setting up the feeder. Don’t position it next to the fence or low hanging tree branches or any other thing that squirrels can climb on to reach your bird feeder. Squirrels can easily circumvent the squirrel proof aspects of any feeder by simply dangling from overhanging branches or by reaching from the fence post into the feeder.

Here’s more on keeping squirrels out of your bird feeder.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Gary!

    I’ve tried many things that have been somewhat successful in keeping the squirrels out of my feeders. When we had a dog, that seemed to work the best. Also, feeders that are up close to the house help a little too- we have one of those platform bird feeders that uses suction cups to attach to a window. The squirrels leave that feeder alone, and the birds love it (especially larger birds like cardinals).

  2. That’s a very funny squirrel video!