Squirrel Habits

Squirrel Stealing Bird SeedThe habits of particular squirrels depend greatly upon which species of squirrel is being referred to, however for this article we’ll look at the common Eastern Grey Squirrel because it’s frequently associated with many types of nuisance problems caused by squirrels.

These squirrels spend their days foraging along the ground and in trees for food. They will also spend time burying extra food they find or digging up again the food they previously buried.

Squirrels are territorial and will chase away any squirrels they see as competitors.

Grey squirrels use trees for protection from predators and other possible threats and will always run to the nearest tree when they sense danger.

Most of the problems caused by squirrels are related to their hunt for food, but they also cause tremendous problems when nesting and giving birth inside people’s homes, particularly in attics or inside walls.

In their search for food, squirrels can cause problems and frustrations for people, for example, squirrels taking bird seed from bird feeders intended for various song birds is a big frustration among backyard bird watchers. Squirrels will chase away song birds from a bird feeder in an effort to protect what they perceive as being “their” bird seed.

Squirrels are also notorious for eating flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other plants from people’s gardens.

Squirrels can cause damage to lawns when they dig holes to burry and later retrieve pieces of food.

The front teeth of squirrels are always growing, squirrels grind down the length of their front teeth by chewing on hard objects such as walnuts, acorns, pecans, chestnuts, etc.. When hard coated nuts and seeds are not readily available squirrels will begin chewing on parts of houses, trees, or anything else they can use to file down the length of their teeth.

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