Squirrel Damage To Trees

Damage to TreeThis article is about Squirrels damaging the bark of trees. If you were searching for ways to stop squirrels from eating the fruit or nuts from your tree click Here.

Squirrels sometimes gnaw on trees. They strip off the bark which causes unsightly damage to the tree. Because trees are living organisms, once the nuisance squirrels are stopped, the tree will
heal itself. But of course, it’s better to catch it early. Don’t wait until the squirrels have stripped huge areas of bark off the tree before deciding to do something about it.

The teeth of squirrels are always growing. Squirrels will chew on things in order to file down their teeth. Under normal circumstances this filing process happens naturally when squirrels chew through the hard outer coats of nuts and acorns. But if acorns, walnuts and other hard coated seeds are not readily available in their diets, they’ll start using anything made of wood or hard plastic to trim their teeth including trees.

To stop squirrels from damaging your trees, put a squirrel feeder in or near the tree. Offer the squirrels something to eat that they can grind their teeth on. Either hard coated nuts like acorns, walnuts, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc.. or a squirrel log made of compressed ground corn.

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