This resource page features the top products for stopping nuisance squirrels (All available on Amazon).

Squirrel proof bird feeders:
Two of the most widely recognized brands of squirrel proof bird feeders are Droll Yankees and Brome Bird Care.

Droll Yankees makes a line of squirrel proof feeders with creative names using descriptive adverbs such as Flipper, Whipper, Dipper and Tipper. As the names suggest these Squirrel proof bird feeders are designed to flip, whip, dip and tip squirrels off the bird feeder and they work really well.

However, these types of feeders frequently spill seed when flipping and whipping squirrels away. Squirrels will learn this fact and will become quite willing to be flipped and whipped in exchange for having bird seed spill to the ground where they can freely eat. To discourage this behavior set your Droll Yankees feeder away from places that squirrels can jump from such as patio railings, fences and low hanging branches. Also, if possible, hang the bird feeder five or six feet from the ground (squirrels can jump very high).

Even though squirrels may learn to spill seed from the feeder, the droll Yankees none-the-less offer birds a great advantage because squirrels are not able to guard the feeder and chase birds away as they do with ordinary bird feeders.

Brome Bird Care makes a line of Squirrel proof feeders called Squirrel Buster. This line of feeders are named Mini, Classic, Plus, Finch and Peanut. These bird feeders keep the squirrels out by means of feeding ports that close under the weight of the squirrel.

The only disadvantage to these types of squirrel proof bird feeders is in rare cases of remarkable coincidence, when a bird happens to be eating from a port at the same moment a squirrel jumps onto the feeder. It’s possible, under the weight of the squirrel, that the feeder port door can close on the bird’s head and injure the bird.

Keeping squirrels out of the garden:
Hot pepper wax sprayed onto the plants that squirrels like to eat such as tomatoes can be an effective method for teaching them not to mess with your garden.

Squirrels in the attic:
Using a live trap is often a very easy and effective way to get rid of nuisance squirrels nesting in the attic. Just keep in mind the homing ability of squirrels when attempting to relocate trapped squirrels. You’ll need to take them much farther then merely a nearby park or wooded lot.

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  1. I have squirrels in my attic. They are somewere in my bedroon ceiling but can’t get to the space they are in. I found the gap in the roof but will try to get them out before I put close the gap.
    I saw these Rid Rite Electronic Pest Repeller at home depot. Does anyboddy have some reliable experience with these Electronic Pest Repeller?

    1. Edd, I’ve heard good things about those and they aren’t very expensive, so it certainly won’t hurt to give them a try. I’ve also heard of a strobe light that’s made to annoy squirrels in attics. I’ve heard they work as well but haven’t yet had a chance to try out either of these products.

  2. a squirrel chewed through the screen of my over-the-sink window, would a screen with metal mesh prevent further assault & invasion ( I was told that chances are, since it’s still summer, he likely left the way he came in after spreading a spice cake over the counter)

  3. Do you know where I can download sounds of a squirrel being attacked and killed by an owl? I want to play these sounds to accompany my plastic, stationary owl. Together these elements will constitute my anti/counter-squirrel program; they are attacking my yard and destroying valuable trees and flowers! I’m in an urban setting, so shooting is not possible, neither is poison (to protect the raptors in the neighborhood)…and traps are effectively useless..tried that and there were simply too many squirrels. Thanks.

  4. I own a log cabin in the middle of a forest with mixed hardwood and softwood trees. The squirrels have lots to eat but they insist on chewing on the cedar trim around my garage doors. Since the trim is stained I can’t figure out what is attracting them to this particular spot.
    A neighbor says he placed a cattle mineral block a few yards away from his house and claims this gives the squirrels something that’s missing in their diet and, subsequently, keeps them from chewing on his house.
    Is there any validity to this? Will a mineral block help? Is there a particular mineral block that I should purchase? Please advise.

    1. The key to figuring out best methods for deterring squirrels is a little experimentation. If your neighbor has had positive results using mineral blocks, I would definitely start with that as a first experiment. Find out what he used and then visit your local feed store.

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