How To Stop Squirrels From Digging

Squirrel DiggingSquirrels dig to either bury or retrieve food. Any time a squirrel finds more food than it can eat, it will take the extra and bury it. A single squirrel can bury a hundred or more acorns each day. It’s nature’s way of planting future trees.

When acorns ripen in the fall, squirrels can literally spend all day long burying them. Once winter arrives and food is scarce, squirrels are somehow able to remember the hundreds of locations where each acorn was buried. Of course some are never recovered, and they eventually germinate and grow into a tree.

To stop squirrels from digging in your yard, feed them in the winter when the ground is frozen but stop feeding them in spring, summer and fall. Having plenty of readily available food in the winter negates their need to dig for the food they buried earlier in the year. Choosing not to feed them in the warmer parts of the year helps to prevent them from burying excess food.

Stopping squirrels entirely from digging in your yard may be very difficult during the spring, summer and fall because there will always be some seed-producing trees nearby from which they collect seeds to bury.

However, adding a pet dog to the equation can greatly reduce the amount of digging squirrels do in your yard. If you’re really determined to stop squirrels from digging, let your dog spend his summer chasing squirrels from your yard.

There is a catch to allowing your pet dog to chase away the squirrels in your yard, however. Your dog might one day actually manage to catch a squirrel. If he does, he might be bitten by it. Squirrels have large front teeth and can bite very hard, so keep your dog’s safety in mind when considering this tactic.

Another option is to place pinwheel toys, wind spinners, and other such items in your yard that can cause squirrels to become more cautious and wary about entering your yard. The noise and movements created by these yard decorations will seem very strange to a squirrel, however, they’ll eventually become accustomed to the sights and sounds of your property and may learn to ignore the garden decor.

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  1. Something digging up my flower bed. Just hung out a bird feeder and there IS a visiting squirrel. Thank you for options of discouraging him. Drives my dog crazy in addition to the mess.

  2. Yes, a squirrel finally revealed him/herself. They bury most of their food I presume.