How to Get Rid of Squirrels In The Attic

Attic FramingSquirrels, living in your attic, can become a big nuisance. They damage the exterior of your home to gain entrance to your attic, they poop and pee inside your home, dislodge and displace insulation and worst of all they have been known to set houses on fire after chewing on electrical wires in the attic. Continue reading

How To Catch A Squirrel

How To Catch A SquirrelThis article makes the assumption that you have a squirrel inside your home, most likely in your attic, or inside your walls.

Squirrels get into people’s attics most often to give birth. The attic provides protection from weather as well as from predators. No one, however, wants to hear the scratching and running about of squirrels in the attic, nor does anyone want squirrels peeing and pooping in their attic either. Furthermore squirrels have been the culprit of house fires after chewing on electrical wiring insulation causing the wires to become shorted and to catch fire.

There are two methods for getting a squirrel out of your attic. The first is… Continue reading

Squirrel Trapping Tips

Squirrel in yardIn my previous post, “How To Catch A Squirrel In A Trap” I talked about using squirrel traps to capture nuisance squirrels which can then be released elsewhere, (check out the article to learn a little about the homing abilities of squirrels).

Today however while I was thinking about the article I had written, and about using squirrel traps to stop squirrels from nesting in attics, eating tulip bulbs, and digging up your garden, I realized that I should have given a few tips and cautions on what to do once you actually have a wild squirrel trapped in a cage.

Three tips for handling squirrelsContinue reading

How To Catch A Squirrel In A Trap

Using Live Trap To Catch SquirrelOne method commonly employed to rid attics and gardens of squirrels is to use a live trap.

As determined as squirrels are to get into bird feeders for a little bit of food, it doesn’t take much effort to catch and trap a squirrel. The cages typically work by placing food on a weight sensitive plate that’s connected to the door.

When the squirrel enters the cage and steps on the plate to get the food, the door drops behind him and he’s trapped. Sounds simple right? But that’s where it gets complicated. Continue reading

Mothballs and Squirrels

You may have heard of the idea of using mothballs to drive away squirrels. When I first heard of this idea I was intrigued for all of about 60 seconds until… Continue reading