Squirrel Holes in Lawn

Squirrel On LawnAre squirrels digging holes in your lawn? Squirrels bury food, not only to prepare for winter when food is harder to find, but also to ensure that they are the sole proprietor of any abundant food source.

To stop squirrels from using your well manicured lawn as their personal pantry… Continue reading

How To Stop Squirrels From Digging

Squirrel DiggingSquirrels dig to either bury or retrieve food. Any time a squirrel finds more food than it can eat, it will… Continue reading

How To Stop Squirrels Using A Fake Owl

How To Stop Squirrels Using A Fake OwlUsing a fake owl to scare away squirrels has been a method in use for a long time. It’s meant to trick squirrels into thinking there’s a predator nearby. But how well does it work? Are squirrels scarred away at the sight of a fake owl?

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Scaring Squirrels

1) How to stop squirrels with a dog:

As with any squirrel deterrent strategy this idea has its pros and cons and the effectiveness of using a dog or cat to scare away squirrels depends upon… Continue reading