What Kind of Nuts Do Squirrels Eat

Do squirrels eat acorns?

Do Squirrels Eat AcornsSquirrels eat mainly nuts, grains, and fruits. They eat all kinds of nuts from almonds to acorns and every nut in between. Peanuts, which are actually in the bean family, are also a favorite for squirrels. Grains like corn, oats and wheat are also a favorite, which explains why squirrels will so eagerly eat a piece of bread that someone tosses to them.

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Do Squirrels Hibernate

Squirrel in Winter SnowDuring spring, summer and fall there seem to be squirrels in every one’s yard, all throughout the neighborhood, but do you recall seeing any of those squirrels last winter? If not, where were they? Not seeing any squirrels during the winter can sometimes cause people to think that squirrels hibernate. A logical conclusion. But… Continue reading


SquirrelsAlthough they may be the cutest of all the rodent family, squirrels are no doubt the bane of every gardener’s existence and a scourge to the backyard bird watcher, who vows in vain never to rest until finding a way to keep them away from his bird feeder.

Ever since Saint Serf owned his pet Robin in the year 575, it’s been mankind’s endeavor to come up with better ways of keeping squirrels out of bird feeders.

Today the internet is ablaze with people searching for ways to keep squirrels out of their gardens, attics and bird feeders.

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Squirrel Habits

Squirrel Stealing Bird SeedThe habits of particular squirrels depend greatly upon which species of squirrel is being referred to, however for this article we’ll look at the common Eastern Grey Squirrel because it’s frequently associated with many types of nuisance problems caused by squirrels.

These squirrels spend their days foraging along the ground and in trees for food. They will also spend time burying food or digging up food they previously buried.

These squirrels are territorial and will chase away any squirrels they see as competitors.

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What Do Squirrels Eat

Squirrel Eating PecanSquirrels are mainly herbivores, meaning they eat plants. Although squirrels can eat a wide variety of plant life, they mainly favor seeds, especially those from trees. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, chestnuts, are all highly favored by squirrels. Acorns, pine tree seeds, maple seeds, and many others are readily eaten as well.

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Do Squirrels Eat Plants

Squirrel eatingYou’ve started a garden, and your plants are growing well, until one day you walk outside to find that several of your plants have been eaten. What might have done this? It’s then that a question flashes through your mind. Do squirrels eat plants?

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Where Do Squirrels Live

Grey Squirrel in SnowThere are many different types of squirrels that live in many different locations and environments. From forests to prairies to deserts, squirrels are able to live in many different places.

Within their individual environments, some species of squirrels live mainly in trees. Some live mostly on the ground, and still others create burrows underground.

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Grey Squirrel Facts

Grey SquirrelThe grey squirrel is native to North America. They are typically greyish brown on their backside and tail with a white underside, but color variations do occur and are prevalent in certain populations. There are both all white and all black variations of the grey squirrel. There are also mixes of those two (most likely through cross breeding) consisting of black with white tails and white with black tails.

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